Below are the specialties that we can do to fix your vehicle

Small Dents

Small dents from the size of a small 5p piece to a £2 coin.

Generally found down door panels, bonnet edges from stones.

As our climate changes we repair hail storm damage too. Subject to a full estimate.

Medium Sized Dents

Medium dents from the size of a £2 coin to a tennis ball sized dent.

Generally from minor bumps, bird strikes, palm prints or wear and tear.

All can be removed using one of our PDR methods.

Larger Sized Dents

Large dents from the size of a tennis ball and much larger!

Generally from minor bumps or vandalism.

As long as the paintwork isn’t broken we can repair these with great success, ask for advice on your specific repair.

Tidy Up Repairs

Tidy up repairs are generally undertaken when the paintwork has been damaged.

For example scuffs and scratches, with this type of repair we can take the dents out and the scuff made better but some trace of scuff may remain, also for older cars where paintwork is not an option we can tidy up the dent repair as much as possible.

Bodyline Dents

Bodyline dents can also be repaired to “as new” condition. They are tough, but not impossible.


The best way to send images of your damage is to use the app “WhatsApp”
Video – A video of the damage would be great (see example below)

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